Most clients have a good intuitive feel for how they want their brand to be perceived. 
I like to begin our dialogue with a short series of questions (the Creative Brief) to discover the heart and true essence of your brand.

Now it's my turn to take your answers and generate visual solutions... always appealing to your target audience.

We schedule the complete scope of work, submit design visuals in stages, gather your feedback and revise as needed. I repeat this process for all the branded components you're needing (ie: Logo / Icons / Brochure /  Stationery / Vehicle Wraps / Packaging / etc). 

After all design solutions are finished, I can also generate a multi-page brand "style guide" PDF for your in-house staff (if desired), detailing visual specs and mechanics of your newly designed brand image and visual language. It will show proper usage of your color palette, logo, imagery and primary typefaces.

Throughout the process, I manage the production of deliverables with attention to detail. I also make sure that your budget goes as far as it can, from design phase, to print production and deliveries.
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